Quincy is a great town. I'll start off by saying that. But let's face it. It's not for everyone. It really isn't. And while Sam who has been here for 26 years, Michael for 20, and Y101's Big Dog Jeff Dorsey for almost 40, MAY have a long history of personal experience as to why not to move here, I'm the newcomer of the group, having just moved to the Gem City a year and a half ago. I have a slightly different perspective. So if anyone out there is from out of town and is Google searching Quincy as a place to move, and you happen to land here, I'm here to tell you why you shouldn't.

1 - There's Way Too Much To Do

Every other week I'm going to a festival or a parade or some sort of community gathering. Dogwood Festival & Germanfest in May, Q-Fest in June, Oktoberfest in... well... October. It's like geeeeeeez, what's the point of even being inside and not doing anything?!

2 - There's Always Music Playing Somewhere

Ben Braun (Townsquare Media)

I go to Revelry and boom there's music playing. I go up to the Dock, more music. Spirit Knob Winery? Music. Washington Park? Blues in the District! Any other park? John Wood Community College? QU? Quincy Community Theatre? The Bank Plaza?! Nothing but concerts featuring local and touring musicians playing all kinds of instruments, singing all kinds of songs! Where am I supposed to go if I don't want to have an enjoyable time?

3 - All This Art and History Everywhere

Kurt Parsons

Arts Quincy is the oldest Fine Arts Society in the nation, and continually does an outstanding job of promoting art & artists, literature, theatre, architecture and things of a historical nature, a lot of it sourced from right here in the Quincy area. What's with all the culture, seriously?

4 - The Sports Aren't a Major League Deal

Dark River Derby Coalition via Facebook/photo by JB Wright Photography

I mean, sure we're just a few hours from St. Louis, Chicago and Kansas City, all with Major League sports teams if that's your thing. But between our prospect league baseball team, nationally ranked roller derby team, fun college athletics and talented student athletes at the local schools, it'll sure make you wish the Cards or Cubs would swing on down once in a while.

5 - You'll Want To Walk (or bike) Places


Many, many moons ago, our studios at 24th and Broadway would have been considered on the outskirts of town, but now Quincy is a fairly sprawling small city. But even with how big it's become, there's still plenty of what you need within walking distance if you're not in a hurry, and the streets are quite scenic. Bah, humbug, who needs convenience in a place to live, right?

6 - You'll Always Be Arguing Over Where To Eat

Townsquare Media Photo

Great Italian food, a fine steakhouse, delicious pubs, quaint cafes. And that's just in about two square blocks. That doesn't take into account all the other fine Mexican restaurants, the sushi place, the pizzerias, the BBQ, the Burgers, the recently opened Thai restaurant. There's just too much great food. Might as well stay in and make a bologna sandwich.

7 - Your Mortgage Will Be Pretty Reasonable


In my adult life, I've lived in Michigan, California, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois, and to be quite honest, in all those states, I've never seen a housing market as affordable as I have right here in Quincy. I rent, since it's just me, and the rents are quite affordable. But I occasionally check out the homes for sale in the area and while they may seem out of budget, some of them would actually average out to less than my current rent. But nobody wants low cost of living.. that would be silly.

8 - All That Scenery... Who Needs It?

Brodie, Townsquare Media

I mentioned how nice the streets are to walk around, but going for a drive along the river gets you some beautiful scenery. I've watched the sunset or rise over mountains, great plains, Great Lakes, and oceans, and while the Mighty Mississippi doesn't QUITE compare, it's still a sight to behold. To make no mention of all the gorgeous parks we have. Pft... views. That's what we're gonna hang our hat on? Seriously?

9 - At Some Point You'll End Up With A Pet

Townsquare Media Photo

Alright, so you moved here because you HAD to. And you got a house, because you're going to set down roots (even though I've made it abundantly clear you shouldn't). You'll soon find yourself at the Quincy Humane Society picking out a pupper or kitty. Might as well. Gonna need someone else to talk to because...

10 - People Want to Be Friendly To You


Going to the store? Prepare to have friendly chit-chat with the clerk, or the person behind you in line. New to town? You're about to get invited to hang out with your coworkers and their friends. In group social setting where you don't know anyone? Someone's going to include you in the conversation. The people here are super friendly. What's that all about?