Some of you are planning to have a short spring break vacation and two cities close to the Tri-States are the worst to visit.

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When it comes to traveling all I can say is that I love to go and visit cities that are close, but far enough away to get away from the area for a few days. Well, the two cities that I visit the most just landed on a list of the worst to visit in America. Mindyourdollars put together this list and it seems that all major cities in every state made this list, but for us locally St. Louis and Chicago made the list.

So why is St. Louis on the list?

That’s because the risk of experiencing a crime is 1 in 53, and the risk of property crimes is 1 in 10. The reason for this is mostly because of a declining economy thanks to many of the longer-term residents leaving St. Louis for greener pastures. However, there has been a lot of revitalization going on with hopes of attracting new investments and residents.

St., Louis is trying to get back to having more people visit. I can say that we love going to STL. Whether it's the free admission to the zoo or science center, a baseball game, or exploring the city we love going to St. Louis and enjoying every single time we go.

Why is Chicago the worst city to visit?

You’d think that’d keep people away, but there are still reasons people choose to travel to Chicago, Illinois. So if you do happen to venture out, just be really careful not to find yourself on the wrong side of town or you might regret it.

We are planning a small trip to Chicago for spring break you just have to be careful where you go when you go out, and just know the area of the city you are visiting. Don't let this list discourage you from going to either city, both have a ton of activities and places that are fun to visit, but just be careful.

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