Last Thursday, I interrupted the Arts Beat segment to inform you all that the augmented reality zombie game was available to download. Called The Walking Dead: Our World, it's an official branded mobile game to go along with the show, and is basically Pokemon: Go!, but with zombies. So needless to say, I was hooked. I'm not a Pokemon guy, but I am all about zombies, and the shooting of them. In the cranial region, specifically. So I downloaded it while Laura was talking, luckily it was a big file, so it was set it and forget it while we did the segment. And that's when the rest of the day went from good to great!

The app was developed in partnership with Google Maps, so the game map is where ever you are. It's Quincy, it's Hannibal, it's Mendon, it's Mark Twain Lake, it's St. Louis. I can play at work when I'm supposed to be writing these blogs (don't tell Ben), or at home when I'm... sitting in a chair that is definitely NOT in the bathroom. You fight off zombies, from random encounters, to saving survivors, to clearing infestations. There are loot crates you can tap for energy, health or ammo, safe houses you can place for various needs, from weapons to coins to upgrades. And of course you can build a team of new characters and classics from the show. I've already got Carol, Michonne and Daryl. Hoping to get Maggie and Rick, soon.

The real fun part is the augmented reality, that overlays the zombie fighting action on top of the real world, using your camera. I had some fun with that.

I can't recommend this app enough if you're a fan of good old fashioned zombie killing. And there's a great community feel to it, because most of the people are local. You can send up flares to your location and they'll come fight zombies and use your safehouse. I've followed flares to Gardner Expressway and North 7th street. Got some good upgrades and much needed items out of those trips. I should send up a flare for the warehouse I have set up near the studios

Check out some of these screengrabs, then join in the fun by downloading the Walking Dead: Our World app in your phone's app store. Also, since you're already downloading apps, make sure you download the KICK-FM app!


Walking Dead: Our World

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