The most important two weeks of Jeopardy ever started today, everyone in the world needs to watch Jeopardy.

Ever since the sad passing of legend Alex Trebek, Jeopardy has been trying to figure out who among the world of celebrity could possible fill his shoes. My first suggestion (many peoples first suggestion) was Ken Jennings the Jeopardy king, he had his chance a couple weeks ago and was magnificent as a fill in host. BUT I have changed course and decided the person who needs to get this job permanently is the guy hosting all this week and next week Green Bay Packers MVP Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

That's right, former celebrity Jeopardy contestant has been offered the chance to guest host for two full weeks, this week (April 5th-9th) and next week. So why would I, a die hard Chicago Bears fan, be rooting for Aaron Rodgers to be soo good and his ratings be soo high that they offer him the job to replace Alex? Because then he would retire from the NFL, and stop kicking my Bears butts twice a year! Think about it, he just got engaged to the beautiful Hollywood actress Shailene Woodly, guaranteed she'd rather spend time in LA over Green Bay, so maybe just maybe if the ratings are through the roof and Rodgers does a good job in the yes of the critics and fans, then maybe they make him a gigantic offer he can't refuse!

So please for the sake of my happiness and the Chicago Bears, watch Jeopardy this week and next week, make the ratings skyrocket, and then post a ton of nice things on Twitter and Facebook about how awesome Aaron Rodgers is as the host, it may be my only chance to get Rodgers to leave Green Bay!

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