Remember that fake story a while back that said that Jennifer Aniston made a "visit" to Quincy? That was debunked pretty easily. Which is why we were skeptical when we heard that she was in Pittsfield over the weekend. Well guess what? SHE TOTALLY WAS!

The blog I wrote back in April about the A-list celeb NOT coming to the Tri-States had a bit of a spike over the weekend and we weren't exactly sure why...until now, that is!

A source tells us that Jennifer Aniston flew into Quincy Regional Airport Friday and headed to Pike County to attend the wedding of model and former Pittsfield resident Anna Speckhart and Carlos Quirarte on June 3. You can follow Anna through several social media sites including, Facebook, Instagram,  and Twitter.

The wedding site, Harpole's Heartland Lodge, even shared the news--along with a message of congrats to the happy couple--on their Facebook page.

From what we could find out though a few Google searches, Quirarte and Aniston's husband, Justin Theroux, are good friends. We don't know when Aniston flew out, but we can confirm that unlike last time, she actually was here!

How cool would it have been to run into a celebrity like Jennifer Aniston. I've meet some pretty awesome famous people in my life like singer Nelly, a few country singers, and a former STL Cardinal, but nothing like meeting a REALLY famous TV/movie start like Jennifer Aniston. I guess there is always next time...Right?


UPDATE: We have a video! Thank you to Gena Renee Burbridge for sending it our way.


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