Best Buy announced recently they'll be pulling CDs from their store shelves, citing lagging sales, with more vinyl and digital being sold than actual compact discs. As a huge music fan, and advocate for physical copies, I actually support this move.

Here's the thing, CDs are a serviceable halfway point between vinyl and digital, but at this point are completely impractical. They cost about the same as vinyl, but have a similar cold, clinical sound as digital. There isn't the warmth of vinyl. And most vinyl purchases these days include a digital download, so that solves the portability issue. There's really no reason at all anymore to have CDs.

Brodie's Record collection

Brodie's collection. That's not even all of them.

So what's on my shelves anymore? It's both, actually. I love vinyl. I love putting an album on the turntable and just letting it spin. I love customizing the sound from turntable to receiver to speakers, get it so it sounds just right for me and my space. I have a huge vinyl collection I inherited from my father, and just keep adding to on a regular basis. And my digital library is even bigger, taking up a large part of a 1TB hard-drive (that's a lot of music). So I can take my music on the go with me, loading up the iPod, or streaming on Spotify. And of course listening to the KICK-FM app, available on both Android and Apple devices.

So with my shelves containing both, what do your shelves contain? Vinyl or digital? Or are you still carrying a torch for cassette tapes?

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