Last week for entertainment purposes I thought it would be fun and entertaining to speculate about what could go in the Best Buy building now that Best Buy is gone. Obviously this is unofficial as I or we have absolutely zero say in what's done. It's just sort of a, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if ______?" type thing. And the Unofficial For Entertainment Purposes results are in!

Best Buy Poll Results

According to our Unofficial For Entertainment Purposes poll, turning that building/plot of land/general area in to a Target is the overwhelming favorite. And I couldn't agree more. Stupid pointless Chick-Fil-A came in second place. Shout out to movie theatre for getting a respectable amount of votes. I like that I've still got a few "Prank Future Archaeologists" peeps on my side. And to the handful of you who voted "Condos"... really? Really? Condos? C'mon, son.

The most popular "Other" suggestion was Dave & Busters. Those are fun. So I'm on board with that.

Stay tuned as I'm sure we'll have more Unofficial For Entertainment Purposes Only polls coming soon!

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