I grew up in the age of vinyl. I used to have a decent size album collection, but I sold most of them years ago. Every once in a while if I see an album I think I need, I'll pick it up. I still have a large 45 collection (little records with the big holes). I am looking to sell the collection. There are nearly 1200 pop and rock records you can have for only $200.

But I digress. The sale of my 45 collection is not the purpose of this blog. Brian Myles received a vinyl copy of Blake Shelton's "Based On A True Story". It had been sitting in the studio for a couple of weeks so I asked Brian if I could have it. He told me that he didn't have a turntable at home, so he let me have it.


NOTE: Most radio stations do not have turntables in their studios anymore. Where record companies would regularly send radio stations records, most of the music now comes to the radio station digitally. This record was more of a "novelty", being sent to KICK-FM on vinyl.

My late uncle use to have a great home stereo setup. After he passed away, my dad put most of the equipment in storage. A few years ago I told him that I was looking to add a turntable to my home stereo setup. He mentioned that he still had Uncle Frank's equipment in storage and that there might be a turntable there I could use. So now, the same turntable that played Supremes and Stevie Wonder albums is today playing Blake Shelton.

CD technology has made music sound crystal clear. No hiss, no hum. Every nuance (and imperfection) comes through...if you have a good set of speakers or headphones. But I believe that how good a song sounds doesn't only have to do with what you hear. There is an emotional feel that adds to the listening experience. When I put a record on my turntable, the pops and clicks seems to enhance the listening experience for me.

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