Almost every town in America can claim that something is haunted. Not many can say that everything in town has paranormal activity, but that's the sad tale of a Missouri ghost town known as Windyville.

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Haven't heard of Windyville, Missouri? You're not alone. Look it up on Wikipedia and you'll find practically nothing. Oh, you will find one thing and even the simple Wikipedia page says "many say that there are eerie things that go on in Windyville and you might think twice about making a visit there."

What's the problem with Windyville, Missouri? In the 1800's, there were multiple deaths of children and many claim you can still hear their laughter. Wikipedia says that the cemetery is watched over by a horseback rider.

Missouri Ghosts shared a story and a picture where someone was driving through Windyville and saw a little girl holding a lantern.

Oh, and then there's the general store which still stands and has many original town items inside (and possibly residents).

Missouri Ghosts also shared the story of investigators that stopped on the bridge near there and saw red eyes in the darkness. The truth is that almost every building in what used to be Windyville had a paranormal story attached to it. The weird there was so prevalent, it has become known as Spookyville to many.

The official population of Windyville, Missouri is 51. That's based on what can be seen. If other dimensions were included, that number would likely be higher. Much much higher.

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