It's completely expected for a ghost to try and scare people, but to try and hit on an investigator's girl is completely uncalled for. That's what one Missouri paranormal investigator alleged during a recent investigation of a haunted hotel.

As hard as I might try, I cannot make up anything as good as what really happened during an investigation by The Paranormal Files. Here's their description of how a ghost disrespected the guy big time:

This is one of the scariest places I've ever been. And a ghost HIT on my fiance!! I can't believe the paranormal activity that I caught on camea in this haunted house and haunted hotel. This is one SCARY video... one of the SCARIEST, in fact. You're watching, THE PARANORMAL FILES.

I know you'll want to watch the entire 2 hour episode, but truthfully it begins to get really good about an hour and 10 minutes in.

If you didn't hang around the video long enough to see that special "ghost hit on my girl" moment, I'll paraphrase. She asks the ghosts if they are men since she heard that male ghosts haunted the place. The guy investigator mentions that "his girl is for sale" and "how much would you pay?". This is the ghost's response and I'm not making this up.

The Paranormal Files (Official Channel) via YouTube
The Paranormal Files (Official Channel) via YouTube

The "ghosts" offer for his lady is a big ole $20. Someone's gonna be sleeping in the guest room tonight.

The Paranormal Files are a fun follow on YouTube as they frequently investigate strange Missouri places. Just don't bring your girlfriend or wife with you for the trip.

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