There's a Missouri bridge that has a horrifying history. It's called 9 Mile Bridge and whatever you do, never turn your vehicle off when you're trying to cross it. One investigator recently found out why.

Haunts of Missouri tells the story of 9 Mile Bridge near Auxvasse, Missouri. As they tell it, slaves and their children were once hung and thrown off of that bridge back in the 1800's. When it comes to the urban legend about why you never turn your vehicle off when crossing it, they say this:

There is a legend that says that if you shut your car off, you can’t start it up again until after you push it nine miles.

Ah, nine miles. Therein lies the origin of the name.

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There have also been many reports from people that have visited the bridge at night that red eyes are visible off in the distance. A recent investigator found even more weirdness including...sounds.

The odd sound/voice is revealed around the 21 minute mark of his video. Strange.

The Haunts of Missouri article mentions the ghost of a woman being seen on the 9 Mile Bridge at night and people who say they have the sensation of their feet being touched. Legend says it's the slave children who lost their lives on that bridge.

Will your vehicle really die on that bridge? I kinda doubt it. Will I be testing that theory? NOPE.

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