Allow us to introduce you to the most haunted restaurant in the Land of Lincoln. It is a place that serves up incredible, award-winning steaks, but also is said to be home to the spirit of a 9-year-old girl...

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The Food Network released a list called The Most Haunted Restaurant in Every State, and the most haunted restaurant in Illinois is a place called Chicago Chop House in Chicago. What makes Chicago Chop House so haunted? On the site they say...

"The Chicago Chop House’s historic brownstone building was a single-family residence to the Minier family. Robert Minier was an electrician who first made local headlines when he was credited for keeping the Alice Stafford, a steamer ship he was working on, from exploding in the middle of Lake Michigan. Though he prevented one tragedy, his family wasn’t spared — in 1906, his nine-year-old daughter Florence passed away, and her spirit is said to still roam the building. Staff and diners alike have heard a child crying, witnessed wine glasses flying off the bar and shattering on the floor, and seen lights turn on and off on their own."

So are you willing to risk being haunted by a 9-year-old girl for a really great steak? Yes, I am. Chicago Chop House is one of the premier steak restaurants in one of the premier steak cities in America. Their menu includes things like Wagyu Meatballs, Bone-In Ribeyes, 22oz Prime Rib, and even an Australian Rack of learn more about Chicago Chop House click here!

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