If you believe in spirits, ghosts, and everything haunted, then you need to make a trip to this specific building in Illinois that is almost 100 years old, here are the spooky details...

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According to the travel experts at Far & Wide, Chicago, Illinois' legendary Nederlander Theatre is #9 on the list of the 15 Scariest Haunted Places in the US. The Nederlander Theatre which was built in 1926 (coming up on its 100th birthday) is still a working theatre in downtown Chicago, but what makes it scary & haunted? In the article, they say...

"Of its spirited sightings, the most well-known ghost is the Woman in White, a spectral figure said to appear in the balcony area, dressed in white attire. She is often spotted watching performances from the back rows before disappearing."

The article goes on to mention that people have reported hearing footsteps, and voices, and feeling the presence of past performers, if you want more information on this haunted theatre in Illinois and to see the complete list of haunted places in the US, click here!

Is it REALLY haunted?

This question can only be answered based on your beliefs, I don't believe in ghosts and I have worked in so many theatres and I can speak from experience that theatres are spooky but that doesn't mean they are haunted. Especially, older theatres with creaky floors, old costumes, old set pieces, and props lying around. If you believe in ghosts you will for sure see or hear "something" when working in an old theatre.

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