Some of the most popular stories on our radio station websites are local meth busts.

Why? Could it be the same reason I enjoy watching 'Cops' - that inner feeling that:

1. I don't have to go through what they are going through because I don't do illegal things. 2. See how stupid they look because they are doing something illegal.

Being this is a smaller community than where I came from, it could be that people are looking at the meth busts to see if they know the person(s) getting busted.

Here are my thoughts on the meth problem: If someone excelled at chemistry in school, wouldn't they be smart enough not to cook meth for a living? They might even have a good job using the training they received in school.

On the other hand, would you ingest something made from household chemicals and mixed by a person that probably didn't do that well in school? Let me say that again: WOULD YOU INGEST SOMETHING MADE FROM HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS COOKED BY A PERSON THAT CANNOT MAKE ANYTHING OUT OF THEIR LIFE EXCEPT COOKING HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS INTO AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE THAT COULD KILL YOU, JUST SO YOU COULD GET A CHEAP HIGH?

Grow up.

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