As I sat eating my lunch today at Reservoir Park in Quincy and getting sauce from my sub sandwich on my shirt in 3 different places, I thought to myself... "self, we sure do have a lot of nice parks in this town."

Quincy alone boasts 26 parks
Oli Scarff, Getty Images

Quincy has 26 parks to be exact. They're scattered all over town and offer many different things from playgrounds, tennis courts, picnic spots with or without shelter, sports, swimming and a lot more. It's hard to pick a favorite but I'm going to attempt to. Here are my finalists...

South Park... 3 shelter houses, a ball field, soccer field, pond, rolling hills, walking paths, gazebo and plenty of open space. South Park has it all and while it's very popular it's also large enough and boasts such a unique layout that it's easy to find peace and quiet. South Park is hard to beat.

Moorman Park- This is definately the most active park in Quincy (Clat Adams could challenge that with all the festivals and such) with The Batting Cage, the new and awesome miniature golf course, fishing lake, paddle boats, disc golf, bike rentals and so many events have been held at Moorman Park that it's staggering. Concerts, a hot air balloon rally and of course along with neighboring Wavering Park it's the home of the annual Avenue of Lights holiday display. I bet there isn't a person in Quincy or the surrounding area that hasn't spend some serious time at Moorman Park.

Sunset Park- Easily forgotten by many folks. Secluded, beautiful view of the river. Doesn't offer much in the way of amenities but it's a nice getaway spot.

Quinsippi Island- The most under-rated park in the Quincy area in my opinion. Many people simply don't think of it because well... it's an island in the Mississippi River and not exactly on anyone's daily commute... unless you work at the marina of course. Two standard shelter houses and a small playground but those aren't what's cool about this park. A handful of old, historic cabins and a walk way through a few trees to something no other park here has... a beach. OK so it's not exactly Daytona or Palm Beach but it is a small, sandy beach on the west side of the island looking toward Missouri. It's very private and peaceful. The only traffic anywhere near is coming across the Bayview Bridge in the distance. My daughter and I used to make a couple trips to play around on the beach every summer. We need to do that again.

Madison Park- Even though it's literally right in the middle of town the coverage from many trees gives it a more peaceful and private feel than you might expect. It's got a good playground, is easily accessible and is the home to several summer events like Arts In The Park. Who among us hasn't camped out in Madison Park to watch the Dogwood or Octoberfest or homecoming parades?

Bob Bangert Park- I just like this place and don't really have a good reason other than it's out of the way up on the north end of Bottom Road which means it offers peace and quiet for the most part. If you're a boater you can get on the river here. A couple of shelter houses are about the only other thing this park offers but it's going to be a nice, relaxing, private picnic if that's what you're after.

So... after much consideration.................................... I'm going to go with Quinsippi Island as my favorite park. The privacy, the beach... yeah, I'm going to pay it a visit again soon. Now don't everyone go running there all the sudden and ruin it. :)




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