A website has ranked every state from best to worst for camping in 2022, let us compare how the Show-Me State stacks up against the Land of Lincoln, Illinois doesn't stand a chance...right?

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Lawnlove.com has come out with a ranking of the best to worst states in the country for camping this year, and of course, the list comes with some controversy because the Land of Lincoln aka Illinois comes in 8 places AHEAD of the Show-Me State of Missouri on their rankings.

Illinois comes in as the 13th best state in the country this year for camping, they base their rankings on a couple of different factors, on the site they say...

"We looked for states with plenty of high-quality campgrounds and easy access to state parks, national parks, and trails. Safety and affordability levels also influenced the ranking."

Illinois got ranked really highly for Quality (6th place), along with being ranked 13th in Safety and Supplies, in fact, the only thing Illinois didn't rank in the top 16 on was Access to camping coming in 32nd place.

For Missouri, let me start by saying I was shocked to see it behind Illinois, Missouri feels like such a better outdoors state than Illinois but Missouri comes in ranked 21st in the country, which is still in the top half! Missouri had the best rankings in Cost they are the number 1 ranked for how affordable it is to camp, but that got negated by the fact that Missouri was ranked 36th in Quality.

The state that took the number 1 spot for camping in 2022? California, which state finished at the bottom? Nevada. Click here to see the entire rankings for yourself!

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