Recently, a study was published with findings that the caffeine in a good cup of coffee can actually be a deterrent to age-related chronic inflammation. This, along with studies regarding the benefits of coffee in relation to heart disease and diabetes, and the one about combating liver cancer means coffee can help you live a longer life. And if you're gonna be drinking some coffee, might as well sip it in style, right? Something that has you quoting the great Special Agent Dale Cooper:

The chains like Panera, Starbucks, Caribou and Dunkin Donuts all have good coffee, both in the classic cup of black coffee, and their lattes and mochas and espressos.

If I get the time in the early hours, I love swinging into Daylight Donuts for a coffee and pastry. In the District, I love rotating from Park Bench to Krazy Cakes to Bailey's Coffee & Fudge (I love the chocolate caramel delight). And when I find myself down in Hannibal, I make a point to swing by Java Jive.

Who do you think has the best coffee in the area? Tell us in the poll, you can vote for up to two!

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