April 4th is Election Day. Do you have plans to vote? With as many people I see and hear complaining about the government, I am surprised that more people will not go and exercise their right to vote.

WGEM interviewed Adams County Clerk Chuck Venverloth, and he said that he is hoping for a 30-40% voter turnout. That's not a bad number, but I believe that number should be higher.

Full disclosure: I have not voted in every election since I have been eligible to vote. Things come up. You get distracted and forget. I get that. But since early voting is now an option, I still wonder why more people are not making their voices heard.

If you walk on a city sidewalk, your voice needs to be heard. If you have garbage picked up by the city, your vote matters. If you drive on a city street, you have a voice, and you need to have that voice heard by placing your vote in the General Election.

I grew up a Chicago Democrat (vote early and vote often). As I have gotten older I tend not to follow party lines. I do as much research as I can to find which candidate will provide the best direction for the area in which I live. Luckily I have had an opportunity to view some of the Quincy Mayoral Debates. I was undecided before the debates, because I felt I didn't have enough knowledge to make an informed decision. After the debates, I now can make my vote knowing that I am making the correct choice for Mayor of Quincy.

If you haven't seen the debates, please make the effort to Google them. Don't just look at social media to view other peoples opinions. No matter what municipality you live in, see what your candidates have to say themselves. Read unbiased information. Talk to your candidates, and ask them questions about what is most important to you. Then make your informed decision.

If you are voting for Mayor of Quincy or any other Adams County issue, click here for a link to the Adams County Clerk's Office. Here you will find information on where your polling place is, sample ballots, what are the times for voting this Tuesday April 4th, what are the hours for early voting at the Adams County Court House, and what you need to bring to vote.

If you are voting for Mayor of Canton, Mayor of LaBelle, Lewis County School Board members, or any Lewis County propositions, a link to the Lewis County Clerk's Office is here.

Marion County does not have a sample ballot posted on their Web site. They do have a link that takes you to Missouri's Voter Outreach Center. Here you can find information about where your polling place is and a list of races and candidates.

Make your voice heard - VOTE!



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