It hasn't really felt that much like the dog days of summer as far as heat is concerned... not that anyone is complaining... but the dog days of the major league baseball season are well underway.


It's grind time. The cream are and will be rising to the top and the lesser teams are falling to the wayside. Approximately 50 games remain on each team's schedule. A look back at my spring predictions leaves much to be desired and maybe even a little embarrassed by. Oh well. So I missed on the Toronto Blue Jays and Washington Nationals. So did most other people. Much more importantly I predicted MY team, the Kansas City Royals would get a wild card spot in the playoffs... and low and behold... they're in the hunt!

I didn't think the St. Louis Cardinals would be as good as they are... but maybe that was wishful thinking. Even with their recent struggles they seem very poised to make a serious run at another championship.

I didn't count on the Pittsburgh Pirates to be in the hunt for the National League Central crown. I thought the Anaheim Angels would finally pull their mega contracts together and be the force that they certainly aren't. Yes... many foul balls when it came to predictions before the season... and I've struck out at least enough times to have gone down 1-2-3. Twice.

Ah but then there are my Royals. 5 games OVER .500 at the time I'm writting this. In the thick of the hunt for a wildcard spot and on one of their hottest streaks in team history. They just finished the best road trip in that team history, going 8-1 on a tour of Chicago, Minnesota and New York. They came home last night to beat up on those Twins again by a final of 13-0.

So do we Royals fans dare to dream? Will this be the season we finally break though again after 27 years with no playoff appearance? Even as hot as my team has been they've gained little ground because the two teams in the American League Central Division who are currently ahead of them, the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians, are every bit as hot if not hotter.

I know two things. 1. There's still a lot of baseball to be played and 2. I'm really glad to have a second wild card spot open this year. Go Royals.

So baseball fans... what two teams would make up YOUR dream World Series?

I'll take a repeat of 1985's I-70 series between the Royals and the Cardinals. With no Don Denkinger to take the blame and no east coast love affair to be enjoyed by the networks.

It's August... play ball! :)



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