Kansas City Royals

Rally Cat Fills in for Squirrel, Helps Cardinals Beat Royals
We all remember the 2011 NLDS, when a squirrel descended from the squirrel heavens to bestow good fortune on the St. Louis Cardinals in their quest for the World Series ring, which they eventually won.
Unfortunately, the Cards are currently a game and a half behind the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central,…
Kansas City Royals and the 2015 World Series by the Numbers
Kansas City will host the New York Mets at Kaufman Stadium and it's a tale of two franchises breaking away from the shadow of their more successful "brothers." In the case of the Royals, they get a chance to outshine the St. Louis Cardinals, who have been a consistent staple of postseason …
What to do When There’s no Baseball on
Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge baseball fanatic. I will literally watch baseball all day long if I get a chance. I've watched 4 games in a day before. I watch the Little League World Series, the College World Series and any Major League Baseball game I can find the time for. I proba…
When Do Pitchers and Catchers Report?
For those of us who love baseball above and beyond any other sport, the most wonderful time of the year is coming, and it starts with that magical day when pitchers and catchers report to spring training.
Baseball is Back!
I wrote a blog a while back trying to come up with a reason for a new holiday. Well if ever there was a good reason this is it. Opening day of the major league baseball season is a day like no other to hardcore baseball enthusiasts like myself.