It's been 25 years since anyone has been in West Quincy's Mississippi Grille. You might have driven by this former restaurant if you are coming to (or from) Quincy. It has been sitting vacant and destroyed since the Flood of '93, but to the looks of it, might be getting worked on.

The Mississippi Grille was a very popular restaurant back in the day. When my family and I first moved to the area, it was one of the first restaurants we tried. I remember the waitress saying that we talked funny (we had strong Brooklyn accents at the time) and I thought she talked a little funny too. We would go there often...until 1993 that is.

The Great Flood destroyed the restaurant after the levee was breached on that July summer day. After seeing the damage, the owner decided to put a barge on the property and convert that into the new Mississippi Grille (yes, an actual barge). Well, that never happened and the barge remained in that spot for several years to come.

In December of 2011, the barge was finally taken down and removed. Since then, the former grille just has been sitting there in West Quincy. I noticed recently on one of my trips to and from Canton that the windows have been taken out and there appears to be some kind of work going with the building. I'll keep my eye open to see if I can find anything and I'll keep you posted. Currently, it just kind of has an eerie feeling. For me and many others who were here in 1993, it's a memory of what happened that hot July night in 1993.