This will never happen. I repeat. This will NEVER happen. I'm only sharing to help you understand how powerful nuclear weapons have become. A simulation shows what would happen IF Russia decided Hannibal needed to be eliminated.

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Have I mentioned this WILL NEVER HAPPEN? It won't. Ever. There's a website called Nuke Map that shows what would happen if nuclear weapons were detonated there. I simulated what would happen if the Russian's largest known tested nuke Tsar Bomba was detonated in Hannibal just so you can see how far-reaching this weapon is. It's worth noting that this is likely a very conservative estimate as this was a bomb designed in the early 1960's and the current yield would likely be triple this. You can see Tsar Bomba in action here.

The tiniest orange circle is the fireball. It's around 6.1 kilometers. The second gray area is the blast damage which would level virtually all buildings. That's estimated to be 32.6 kilometers. The next big orange circle represents thermal radiation which would reach 73.7 kilometers out in every direction. The last gray circle shows windows would even be blown out as far away as Keokuk.

Graphic, Nukemap
Graphic, Nukemap

Let's be crystal clear that this is nothing you should ever be worried about. It's a hypothetical that even in the worst case scenario of a US vs Russia war would never happen. I created this local simulation because it gives each of us local cities that we all understand how far everything is away from each other.

One other note to calm your nerves is many sites including Sandboxx consider the largest Russian nukes aren't really deliverable.

As we previously shared, the list dating back to 1990 showing FEMA's list of likely American targets if a nuclear exchange really happened showed our main concern would be fallout and nothing close to a direct hit.

The purpose of this article is two-fold. #1. Reason to hope that a major city never ever gets it with a nuclear bomb like the one in this simulation. #2. To prove we really should not lose any sleep about the possibility of being attacked ever.

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