I had to swap out cars with my family so they could take the "Lee family truckster" on a road trip.

This left me with driving my daughter's car. It's a Pontiac Sunfire, with lots of "frilly girl- stuff," in the interior; not a habit that I want to get accustomed to.

Driving her car, made me think back about some of the rides that I had back in the "P.M." or "Pre-Minivan," time of my life.

My first car, was a 1955 Chevrolet. It was actually a hand-me-down car, that my sister had driven during high school. Trust me, it had seen better days, and if it happened to raining, you feet were most likely going to be a little damp.  It didn't matter though; that car was a source of freedom and music, thanks to the 8 track tape player, that had been installed somewhere along the way.

Like most mechanical things, it finally "gave up the ghost," and was later sold. I've often wondered if it was restored, and is still out there being enjoyed by someone. That's what I like to think happened to it, anyway.

So share with me, what was your "first car?"


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