There are two words kids love more than just about any others... SNOW DAY!

You ever notice how hard it was to get out of bed when you had to get up for school? You ever notice how easy it was once your mom or dad told you school was cancelled? Ah yes, the beloved snow day. A kids dream come true. Now just what to do with it.


Hot chocolate was always a good start. Then cartoons or a movie in your pj's. It's pretty much required that you bundle up at some point and go play in the snow. Get the sleds out, build a snow fort, have a snowball fight. Building snow forts was my favorite. Nothing like finding the best big drift in the yard and tunneling into it as far as you could. My brothers and I had some really good one's with rooms and multiple entrances and exits. It takes a lot of snow to get that accomplished so we loved seeing it come down hard.

After some serious time digging and playing in the fort, some more hot chocolate was in order. Snow forts build up a nice appetite too. We preferred as much junk food as we could find.

The worst thing about snow days came about 3:20pm. That's when we got out of school (back in the days before budget cuts forced shorter school days). That's when you realized it really wasn't a snow day any more, now it's just a regular day and now you have to start worrying if you'll get another snow day tomorrow.

Multiple snow days in a row were a true Godsend. I remember having 3 in a row a couple times. You didn't need to be wasting time at school when that awesome new snow fort was sitting there waiting to melt.

What did... or do you like to do best on a snow day?

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