A website put together a list of the 12 Best Places to Go Sledding in the US and surprisingly a spot in the very flat Land of Lincoln makes the list! Where should you take your kiddos sledding this winter?

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If you are looking to take your kids sledding someplace epic this winter then you need to check out Swallow Cliff Woods Sledding Hill in Chicago, Illinois. Why? Well, it was just named one of the 12 Best Places to Go Sledding in the U.S. according to tripstodiscover.com.

On the site they say...

"Chicago is a place that people associate with flat, hill-less land, but there’s a fun sledding hill on the South Side. Swallow Cliff Woods Sledding Hill has stairs that take you to the top of the hill, but there aren’t any rental companies nearby so you’ll need to BYOS (bring your own sled). The good news is that the stairs are cleared and salted so that you won’t slip and fall while climbing to the top."

To see the complete list of the best places to go sledding in the US just click here! 

I will say I was very surprised to see any place in Illinois on this list, granted we do have long, cold, and snowy winters, but Illinois is very very very flat. I love sledding, it is the activity in the winter that no matter how old I get I will always want to partake in. There is something so pure and fun about going fast down a hill, with very little control, and wiping out into a big pile of snow.

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