Peoria, Illinois came out on top ranking as the "Best Place to Live in Illinois" so why does Peoria rank higher than Quincy, and what is Peoria doing that Quincy can steal and implement here?

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I stumbled upon this article from the, the article is called "Peoria best place to live in Illinois" and it all comes from a ranking by US News & World Report, in the article they mention how Peoria was ranked the 50th best place in the country to live and the highest in Illinois ahead of the Quad Cities, Chicago, and Rockford. Now to be fair to Quincy, and a LOT of other towns in Illinois like Crystal Lake, Naperville, Evanston, and so on this ranking is ONLY of the top 150 most populated cities in the country, so Quincy and these smaller towns didn't have a chance to get ranked, but what made Peoria rank so high, that maybe Quincy could follow their lead on?

In the article, they say that Peoria ranks so high mainly because it is the 9th cheapest place to live on the list, and that there is an incredible amount of affordable housing and affordable housing options for people. Affordable housing is something that Quincy could improve on especially for renters, the article talks about renovations of downtown properties into loft spaces and that is something that Quincy needs to keep doing. The other things that are mentioned about why Peoria is a great place to live are the food, music, and events, these are all things that I personally think Quincy does well already.

Overall, I think that Quincy is very comparable to Peoria but just doesn't have the population, Quincy will never be Peoria and we shouldn't try to be, but what we can do is continue to find ways to make Quincy attractive to people to come here, and to get people to stay here. Adding a Target, developing the Riverfront, and finding spaces to make affordable rental units are all great ways to ensure that Quincy is thriving in the next decades.

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