Another day, another very real, not at all fake holiday. This time, it's National Eight Track Day. It's that weird obscure media that was a slight step-up from vinyl because you could take it in the car with you, but wasn't QUITE there. It's the precursor to cassette tapes, which gave way to CDs, then MP3s and next it's gonna be... who knows? But eight tracks... that represented freedom. Sure you could carry your radio with you, but if you wanted to listen to more Johnny Cash or Led Zeppelin (whatever you were into) than just what was on the radio, then you've gotta take the eight track.

Of course as a radio station, we have some old media laying around somewhere. I started digging through our storage closet to see if we had one somewhere. Here's what I found.

So despite a thorough search of our offices, including the file cabinets in our manager's office (shhhhhh don't tell him), I was unable to locate an 8-Track or a player. Though I know there's a ton of old stuff down in our Hannibal studios. I should ask if there's one down there still gathering dust.

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