Twenty-two years ago, the oldest cave paintings in the world, some 32,000 years old and located in the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave in southern France were discovered. Just today, the staff of KICK-FM stumbled upon a discovery that may prove even older, while we were moving cubicles so the carpet could be replaced.

Uncovered was the following detailed mural which our staff of on-call archeaologists can only describe as Dicitur enim te gravitar nos or, to translate from the Latin name, "You seriously called us over for this?" They went on to claim that it's probably only 30, maybe 40 years old. At best. They also suggested that we should stop bugging them unless we have actual artifacts. Check out the full gallery below.

According to legend, it was part of an old restaurant called The Flamingo Smorgasbord as early as 1978 CE, and stood the fall of the Flamingo civilization as Archie's Steakhouse conquered and assimilated it in the early 1980s CE. The mural withstood later colonization by KICK-FM and Y101 in the 1990s CE. Unfortunately all those records were lost when Julius Caesar burned the Library of Alexandria in 48 BCE, so this is all guess work.

One curious aspect of the mural is the inscription towards the bottom that reads, "Dave Pruitt." Is this the name of the artist of this ancient art? Was Dave Pruitt some sort of deity worshiped by the ancient Flamingo civilization? The world may never know. Unless we ask someone. Does anyone know who Dave Pruitt is?