Wow! That's all this 2-year-old little girl could say as she walked into the elevator for the first time. That's until it started moving.

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A terrified look came over the toddler's face once the elevator started moving and her excitement soon turned into a little bit of a nightmare for her. The mom said that the kiddo was really interested at first, just to be shocked as the elevator started moving.

We all know that feeling of when an elevator moves and maybe deep inside feel like this little girl at times. I am not a big fan of elevators I am also scared that it's going to get stuck (which has happened to me a time or two). The video stops so we really don't see what happens next, but I am sure that the little girl's mom picked her up and held her the rest of the way until the elevator came to a stop.

I wonder if the mom will have to take the stairs from now on since the little one was a bit dramatized from her first elevator ride. What's that saying? If you fall off the horse just get right back up and try again. The mom may have to wait a few years for that statement to come true.

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