Get ready to walk through thousands of hand-carved pumpkins. You will never see so many in one place.

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This 3/4 mile long trail holds thousands of handcrafted Jack O'Lanterns carved by local artists and it's all located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The trail takes you on a journey through 15 magical-themed worlds such as Unicorn Universe, Dinosaur Den, Dragon of Fire, Jack's Spider Web, Flying Fish, and more.

Lake Zurich is about five hours from Tri-States so it's not a day drive, but you can so make a weekend out of it. Plus, they also have a lights-out walk where you can walk the trail just by using the light of the pumpkins, I would totally do that. You can make a date night of it, bring the kids and the rest of the family, it really is something that you should experience if you can get away for a weekend in October.

The trail is not scary and will not make kiddos cry, it's just really neat to see all of these professionally carved pumpkins on the trail. the trail takes about 45 minutes to walk through and there are a few things to know before you visit.  You must arrive within 15 minutes of your ticket's selected start time. This event is ADA accessible and the trail is a paved path. Keep in mind this is a trail so wear comfy shoes. The trail is open from September 30 through October 30 and you can purchase tickets online.

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