Baseball, Chicago Style hot dogs, football, museums, Illinois is known for a lot of things but  I never thought Castles was one. Yes, there are majestic castles in Illinois and you can take one epic road trip to see them all.

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You can take a road trip to see the few castles that grace some towns and cities, and one of them is right here in Quincy. The Villa Katherine. The trip takes you to Palymra, Illinois to Harvard and Quincy, so gear up and get the car packed it's time to take a road trip.

Boo Castle Park

The park was built in honor of a man's son nicknamed "Boo" who passed away in a car accident. The park is every prince and princess's dream with dragons to climb on, a castle to draw swords on (don't worry fake ones), and maybe even a game on dungeons and dragons. It's guarded by knights and wizards and looks like a cool park to visit. It's located in Carbondale, Illinois.

Ravenstone Castle

In Harvard, Illinois the Ravebstone Castle was built in 2001, but when you step inside it's like stepping into a time machine to the 16th Century. You can get married at this castle, take a tour, stay the night, have a birthday party, or have any party.

Castle of Palmyra

No not located in Palmyra, Missouri, but in Palmyra, Illinois. You can actually stay at this castle which you can book at Stay in a castle for the weekend, anniversary, or birthday. It is a bit pricey at $1,250 a night you might want to get a group together and split the price tag, but it does come with its own three-hole golf course.

Allerton Park and Retreat Center

This place is just that, a retreat. Also used for parties, weddings, and more this castle is on 1,500 acres of woodlands and prairies. The estate was built in the 1900s and is located 25 miles from Urbana-Champaign, the property was donated to the university in the min-1940s for research.

Aurora Sunken Gardens

This is not as much as a castle but a garden that you would see at a castle. It's definitely a place to take "the gram" pictures for weddings, prom, engagement pictures, and everything in between. These gardens are located in Aurora, Illinois.

Don't forget also to visit our very own Villa Katherine whose story is extremely unique and you might even see a dog ghost while on a tour.

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