A YouTube video ranked the 10 Most Redneck States in America and claims that Missouri not only belongs in the top ten but near the very top of the list.

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This video was uploaded to YouTube a couple of years ago by a YouTube channel called Nick Johnson, he has a ton of videos "unboxing" states and America as a whole, he has well over 400K subscribers and this video is over a million views. In the video he uses very little statistical data to rank the 10 Most Redneck States in America and the Show-Me State of Missouri falls at number 3 on his list behind Arkansas, and Mississippi.

Normally I would say ignore stupid videos like this where the narrator uses lazy cliches to try and get people fired up, saying things in the video like "fact is if you're not a redneck you just don't fit in in Missouri" and other baseless claims like that. I can't ignore this video however because it has too many views, there are over a million people who watched this and now probably think "Missouri is not for me" and that couldn't be further from the truth.

First of all, being a redneck isn't a bad thing, secondly, I moved to the Illinois/Missouri border not even 3 years ago from Chicago to host a radio show on a country music station, I moved here with a degree in acting and have never hunted in my life and I LOVE Missouri! Missouri may have parts of it that you could consider redneck but overall my experience with Missouri is filled with nothing but positive memories, meeting great people from small towns, plus Missouri is diverse with its big cities like St. Louis and Kansas City. So take it from me, I don't know where Missouri should be on this list of redneck states, but don't let this video scare you away from the Show-Me State!

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