There are towns in the Land of Lincoln that have less than 100 people, a YouTube video gives you a glimpse of some of these forgotten tiny towns in Illinois.

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This video was uploaded to YouTube just a couple of months ago back in February of 2021 and is on the YouTube channel called Stuck in the Kernfield. In the description of the video they say...

"...if someone does want to be a hermit, where do they go? In this video, we discuss the ten places in the state of Illinois with the smallest population, according to the most recent census data."

This is one of my favorite videos I have seen on YouTube in a long time, how often do you drive on the highways across Illinois and you see signs for tiny towns and think to yourself "man it would be fun to drive through some small towns, but I just don't have the time" well take the 8 minutes to watch this video to have an understanding of some of these micro towns here in Illinois. Like who else knew that there was a town called Time, IL and there were only ten people in the town?!? Also, I love that the video gives details like how many people were in the town at its peak vs what the population is currently, and what the towns were famous for.

I officially want to add to my bucket list a trip through the 10 smallest towns in Illinois, have you ever been to any of these tiny Illinois towns?

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