This has to be the largest Deep Dish Pizza I have ever seen, and I can't believe this one man is attempting to eat it all in less than one hour.

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Food challenge legend Randy Santel has over a million followers on his YouTube channel and has posted videos of dozens and dozens of incredible food challenges that he has completed, BUT this one is the most impressive one I have seen. The video was uploaded a couple of years ago of him eating an 8lbs Deep Dish Pizza from Riverside Pizza & Pub a restaurant in the suburb of Chicago called Batavia, IL. In the description of the video he says...

"My friend Martin and I each took on their 16" diameter 8lb Chicago-Style Stuffed Meat Lovers Pizza Challenge. It was stuffed with mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, and 6 meats - pepperoni, sausage, bacon, meatballs, Italian beef, and ground beef."

I love deep-dish pizza with a passion, as a Chicagoan, there isn't a deep-dish place I won't try from Geno's, Lou Malnati's, and everything in between, but having to eat a whole 8-pound meat lovers deep dish sounds like a nightmare! I don't think I could honestly make it through half of this challenge and be able to walk out of there, the best thing about a giant deep-dish pizza is you can order one with 3 other friends each having two slices, and be completely stuffed.


Spoiler Alert!!!


He does complete the challenge in just about 33 mins which adds to the insanity of this video!

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