Yippie-ki-yay, Mister Falcon! (I've been told we're not allowed to swear in the blogs, so that's the edited-for-TV version) Filming for Die Hard 6: The Crazy Never Die Hard apparently started this past weekend. And right here in Quincy!

It's a real life Die Hard scenario! Two men entering via air conditioner vent. I guess technically it's more closely a real life Boondock Saints scenario, but I think Die Hard is the pop culture touchstone most people will connect with, as it's the more popular, and better film, so go with me.

Anyway, these two gentlemen attempted to break into the Eagle's Nest Hotel on Gardner expressway, but really only found out what a TV dinner feels like.

According to reports, the police conducted a search of the area, but had trouble finding anything. Who was driving that car, Stevie Wonder? Though a dozen men were seen loitering about in a delivery truck. One out of town, off duty cop described them as "mostly European, judging by their clothing labels, well financed and very slick." When pressed for details on how he came to that conclusion, he said he had seen enough phony IDs in his time to recognize that theirs must have cost a fortune.

The two gentlemen's motives were not known at the time. It could range from political terrorism to simple burglary of the vault. Thankfully the power was never cut, so their cunning plan was foiled.

Let's just hope they don't move on to the airport. It'll be OK, mostly derivative of their first planned heist, and just not as satisfying.

***DISCLAIMER***: It SHOULD go without saying, but just so it doesn't, most of this is directly referencing the 1988 Christmas film, and is meant purely in jest. For ACTUAL news updates regarding this story, consult an ACTUAL news station. Like KHMO or WGEM, whose original story is linked above, and right here.

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