It's always fun to read crazy news stories. Stupid criminals and bizarre incidents make headlines across the country. Sometimes they happen in our own backyard. Here are some of the craziest local news stories the Quincy/Hannibal area has seen in the last few years.

Naked Samurai

Quincy Police were called to investigate a "mentally disturbed naked individual in the yard of a residence." The naked man didn't make things any easier for himself when he retreated inside his home, then returned with a samurai sword and started waving it at bystanders. Want to know a good way to get tasered by the cops? Wave a samurai sword at bystanders while you're naked.

Samurai Sword

Body Odor Prompts Police Call

Usually when people say something stinks at City Hall, this isn't quite what they mean. Hannibal Police were called to City Hall to remove a man... who smelled bad. The man voluntarily left, then entered a nearby business. The business also called police because of the man's offensive odor, and he was asked to leave that establishment, as well. No arrest was made in the case.

Hannibal City Hall
Wes Mitchell

The Skydiver and the Shortstop

Pregame activities didn't go quite the way they were planned for the Hannibal Cavemen on July 20. Before a game against the Terre Haute Rex, three skydivers were to land at Clemen's Field. The skydivers did land, but one of them ended up landing on shortstop Mattingly Romanin, who instantly became famous on YouTube, and on several national sports television shows.

Things Were Hopping in Palmyra

In 2012 authorities in Palmyra began investigating a reported sighting of a kangaroo in the city. Palmyra Police Chief Eddie Bogue said that at about the same time as the kangaroo sighting, there were also several deer sighted in the middle of town. Bogue suggested that the "kangaroo" may have actually been a deer. Chief Bogue said that there was a possibility of an escaped kangaroo, as an exotic animal sale was going on at the same time in Macon. However, there were no kangaroos scheduled to be sold, according to the venue's website. To date, no kangaroos have been taken into custody in Palmyra.

Kangaroo in Palmyra?
Bradley Kanaris/Stringer, Getty Images

Boa Constrictor on the Loose

One exotic animal that was on the loose, for sure, was an 8-foot boa constrictor that escaped from a home in Quincy. The snake was on the loose for over three weeks before it was discovered a few houses down from its home. At the time, there was concern that neighborhood pets might end up on the boa's dinner menu, but no animals or people were harmed during the snake's extended vacation.

Boa Constrictor
China Photos, Getty Images

Man Burns Down House Because His Wife Wouldn't Watch Fireworks With Him

Everyone gets angry. It happens. Even so, it's never an excuse for arson. In 2013, 42-year-old Russell Ray Darnell of Bowling Green entered a guilty plea to felony second-degree arson. Darnell said that he set fire to a home in Louisiana because his wife would not go watch fireworks with him, or answer his phone calls. Luckily, there were no injuries as a result of the fire. Darnell received a six-year sentence.

Gord Horne
Gord Horne

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