70 years ago tomorrow (July 8th), news broke that an unidentified flying object had crashed into the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. Authorities were quick say it was a weather balloon of some sort. But everyone else was quick with their own theory that it could be the only logical conclusion: space aliens. And from there, a huge nugget of pop culture was born. Every one from Star Trek to The X-Files to Futurama have implanted themselves in the mythos surrounding the Roswell Incident. I for one do think it was aliens. But as Ben recently pointed out, I always think it's aliens.

But Roswell isn't the only hotbed of extraterrestrial activity. We've seen some UFOs in some of the surrounding major metro areas, and there's even been a possible sighting right here in Quincy. Sam says it's just a drone, but she also says dogs can't look up.

1 - Unexplained Moving Lights over St. Louis' Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park

This one was caught on park surveillance cameras last year. And in a poll, you overwhelmingly voted that it was in fact a UFO.

2 - Triangle UFO Over Chicago

I don't know what to make of this triangle shaped light configuration that appeared over the windy city last year. Wait... yes I do. ALIENS!

3 - UFO over Columbia, MO

Some attendees of a high school football game in Columbia caught sight of a UFO. Maybe they were scouts from an intergalactic college looking to make a play for the BCS Championship.

4 - UFO Over Quincy

This is the one Sam says is just a drone. But can you really trust anyone who doesn't like "Achy Breaky Heart"? I think she's in on the cover up!

Were they drones? Were they weather balloons? Were the planes, the international space station, pockets of methane gas reflecting light off Venus? Or were they in fact visitors from another world. The world may never know. Until then, to quote Fox Mulder... I want to believe. But for now, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are going to need you to look right here:

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