A list has come out from a new website ranking the Top 50 Hardest Colleges to get Accepted into for 2023, and right near the top of the list sit two of the best Universities in the Land of Lincoln.

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According to cbsnews.com, Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and the University of Chicago on the south side of Chicago, are two of the top 15 hardest colleges to get accepted into for 2023. Northwestern ranks 12th on the list, while the University of Chicago takes the 7th spot, what is it about these universities that put them near the top of this list? On the site, they say this about Northwestern...

"Northwestern University has a 9% acceptance rate. The Evanston, Illinois, university is the No. 1 college in America for communications, according to Niche."

And for the University of Chicago, they say this...

"The University of Chicago has a 7% acceptance rate. It ranks No. 5 on Niche's list of best colleges in the country for economics."

Now for our readers on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River, there is one school from the Show-Me State in the top 50. Washington University in St. Louis comes in at 28th on the list, it has a 16% acceptance rate and made a list as the second-best college campus in the US.

The hardest schools to get into in 2023? Number one is Harvard, followed by Stanford, and then Princeton in third place. No, sadly my alma mater of Northern Illinois University didn't make the list...

To see the full list of hardest colleges to get accepted to in 2023 just click here!

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