Archery Deer season in Illinois is kicking off and you have to see the video of these two giant whitetail deer caught on camera walking through a cornfield in the Land of Lincoln.

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This video was just uploaded on YouTube the other day on September, 29th, by this YouTube channel called Cedar Ridge Whitetails, LLC, and in the 46-second long video, you get a chance to see two, as they describe them, Illinois Giants.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't say exactly where in Illinois these deer were spotted, and by the looks of the video it could really be anywhere in Illinois that's not Chicago. But on the YouTube channel for Cedar Ridge Whitetails you can see a couple more videos of them actually hunting deer., they have a couple of hundred subscribers, check it out by clicking here! 

Now I am someone who has never hunted deer and don't know the first thing about deer or deer hunting BUT I will say that If I saw either of these to Illinois giants by the side of the road as I was driving by in my truck I would slow down because these two certainly look big enough to wreck my truck. One of my biggest fears when I moved to Quincy, Illinois from Chicago, was the idea of hitting a deer, I have met so many people here in the Tri-State area that have hit deer and totaled their cars and trucks, I really don't want to be one of those people!

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