Meet Peanut! A female wild red-eared turtle who now lives at the Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center and teaches everyone about the importance of pollution and litter.

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I was shown this on the St. Louis Zoo's Facebook page of a turtle found with a plastic six-pack ring around her shell. As she grew more and more the trash grew around her. When she was found and brought to the zoo, experts remove the plastic and save Peanut's life. She now lives and teaches thousands of guests at the Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center in Kirkwood, Missouri

Peanut teaches the importance of cleaning up your litter and throwing it away. She is known as an anti-little mascot and is a proven fact that animals are affected by pollution and trash. And this weekend you can celebrate Peanut with a big birthday celebration.

This weekend, the Missouri Department of Conservation will be celebrating Peanut's birthday with a big celebration. Stop by the Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center and meet Peanut. Have a slice of cake, and learn about what you can do to help protect animals like Peanut from getting hurt by trash and pollution.

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