Unless you're old enough to remember, this may not make a lot of sense. But, I've decided to treat Facebook like "Larry The Lobster". FYI - here's a video refresher of the original "Larry The Lobster" from the early days of SNL in the early 80's.

OK...to my point. I'm so fed up and tired of all the political posts on Facebook I'm thinking about killing it. No offense to my left-leaning or right-leaning friends, but your posts are about as appealing as leprosy.  I am to the point where I dread to even look at my news feed on Facebook for fear of what anti-Obama or anti-Romney or anti-Bugs Bunny posts I'm gonna have to wade through.

I'm a big fan of free speech, but not when it comes to Facebook.  Tell me about how your kids are doing or maybe post a picture of a new cage you bought your hamster.  Go ahead and share that Willy Wonka meme that asks me an insulting question.  I'm good with all of that.  But, please spare me the latest election year garbage.

Quick question.  When was the last time any of these political posts changed anyone's mind about an issue?  Anyone? (*crickets*)  Normally, on my news feed anyway, most of these status updates flare up into big flame fests of yelling.  If I want to witness this kind of exchange, I'll go to a city council or school board meeting.

Have you reached the point where you're ready to give Facebook the heave ho?  Or to put this in Larry The Lobster terms, should we kill it?  At this point, I'm reaching for the knife drawer and I have my eyes on my Facebook page.....

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