What exactly is this new "Data Center" that Facebook's parent company opened in Illinois? They say it will bring 200 jobs and A LOT of money to the Land of Lincoln, here are the details...

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According to WCIA, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, just opened a new Data Center in Illinois which they claim will bring 200 jobs and a billion dollars of revenue to the Land of Lincoln.

What is the Data Center?

In the article, they say...

"Meta officials chose the chose DeKalb area because it offered excellent infrastructure, access to renewable energy, and a strong talent for both constructing and operating the center. The data center is supported by 100% renewable energy, officials said."

They don't say exactly what the Data Center is, so I found this on Meta's website, they say...

"Our data centers are part of Meta’s global infrastructure that brings our technologies and services to life. Meta is proud that our data centers are among the most efficient in the world. Learn more about the places and partners that help make our connections possible."

Is this a Good Thing?

I personally, feel this way...Meta is going to be building these data centers whether you like it or not, so I'd rather them build the data centers in Illinois where our economy can directly benefit from them. Also, we have had so much bad news about companies leaving Illinois over the last couple of years it is nice to see big companies making an investment in Illinois, especially in a more rural area like DeKalb and not just in Chicago.

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