I am really excited about the five new elementary schools being built in Quincy, but one of the latest mock-ups needs a serious revision. 

I was looking at pictures and video of the new school being built at the 12th Street location and noticed a few things about the lettering decor. See what I mean?

New Elementary School at the 12th Street Site (via Facebook)

The "H" in school does not look like a normal "H." Here you have kindergartners and first graders trying to write correctly, and the font on the wall of the school is just a little too "out of the box". Perhaps no big deal, but I thought I would put this to the test.

I had my kindergartner write the letter "H", which she did. I then showed her the picture of the proposed sign and had her spell it for me.

"S...C...mommy I don't know what that letter is," she said. "I think it's an 'H' but it doesn't look like an 'H'." She then finished up the word without a hiccup. "O...O...L.''

My scientific project proved my point. Teachers have the hardest job (in my opinion) and as parents, we entrust them to teach our children letters, numbers, history, math, and so much more.

But that's not all. Are you wondering where you might have seen that font (including the errant "H") before? Here's your answer!


That's right! It's the same font that is used in the American Horror Story logo (which is definitely not a show for children).

Facebook & FX

Don't get me wrong. The school looks absolutely amazing...but officials just need to rethink that sign.