It looks innocent enough from the outside, but inside there is an insidious and gruesome history that has caused many to consider this Missouri home the most haunted in the Midwest.

The original Realtor listing shows what looks like a simple country home located just outside of Brumley, Missouri near Lake of the Ozarks. However, even Realtor slapped the label of "most haunted in the Midwest" on this place. As their story tells, the home was originally built in 1850 by a country doctor. That's when terrible things began to happen.

Along with sick patients who visited as a part of his doctor practice, the Brumley home was also used to house wounded soldiers during the Civil War. Many passed from this life from within these walls.

It was reportedly also a place for the sick during the flu pandemic of 1918. There are apparently 20 known graves that are located on this property. The Realtor story says there are reports of a screaming/crying woman who can be heard on the upper floors.

Missouri Castle May Be the Most Haunted in the Midwest

Investigators have encountered disembodied whistling throughout the home along with footsteps when no one should be there. One of the rooms used for exams reportedly had motion detectors set off by spirits when investigators were present.

Would you dare to stay within these walls? Based on what witnesses have said, you can practically hear the walls speak and sometimes you'll hear more than just voices from the walls.

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