It was built in 1869 and has gone through many different owners, but they all seem to agree on one thing. McPike Mansion is one of the most haunted locations in Illinois and now you can see what it's like inside...if you dare.

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I've seen McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois mentioned numerous times when haunted houses come up in conversation including online references by Only In Your State, etc. According to their story, McPike Mansion was built in 1869 by Henry Guest McPike and sold to Paul Laichinger in 1908. Remember that name as Paul is one of the "entities" said to remain present inside the mansion that has been the subject of many paranormal investigations over the decades.

Yes, when you hear about "The House on Haunted Hill", this mansion is what the movies are referring to. Many believe the limestone around Alton and present under this home is responsible for the unusual activity within. Allegedly, limestone retains energy even of the human kind.

Past owners are said to still be inside McPike Mansion along with a former servant named Sarah. Witnesses to paranormal sightings in and around McPike Mansion say to watch the upstairs windows in particular as that is one of the places where you might see the ghost of Paul Laichinger.

The official McPike Mansion website has more stories about investigations and private tours. It appears they're still trying to fix the place up. Or, perhaps they need to evict some past occupants...if they can. On the other hand, the paranormal aspects of the mansion continue to be its biggest draw to this day.

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