I saw it last year. I'm seeing it again this year.

Grown adults are insulting children because they have the audacity to not want to die from heat exhaustion. Wait... no... it's not even the kids who are making the decision. Other adults--better adults--are making the wise decision to release these children from school early during a heat advisory so the children aren't at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Yes, those things can happen to kids. No, these schools being let out do not have air conditioning.

And most importantly and above literally all else, these are kids trying to get an education in a safe, healthy environment. And here we have grown adults calling them "whiny b***hes" and "p**sies."

The Hannibal Middle School, High School, Career & Tech Center and Early Childhood (you know... toddlers) Center were all released early today and possibly tomorrow due to the heat advisory in our area. Temperatures are high and heat indexes are even higher.

Sitting in older buildings that aren't well ventilated and don't have central air will make learning near impossible as these kids are basically sitting in ovens. That is hazardous to their health, and not conducive to education (to make no mention of the educators and staff members also in the buildings).

But ultimately, the facts of the matter make little difference to the ultimate point of this: You are a garbage human being if you think the best course of action is "Let the brats bake." It doesn't matter if you had to do it when you were a kid. If you went to school in a hot room with a fan going, it was still wrong. The only difference is nobody did anything about it. Now people are doing things about it. To, you know, keep children from dying.

Temperatures are higher now than the were "back in the day" as we're seeing record highs set on a regular basis. They're beating the records set the year prior, which were set the year prior and so on and so forth. Long story short, it's hot and getting hotter. It's hotter than it was when you were a kid and had to "suffer" through it.

More to the point, isn't the so-called "American Dream" ensuring that your kids have a better life than you did? That's all I heard growing up. From my parents, to their friends to movies and TV shows, they just wanted their kids to have a better life than they did. Now these kids have it marginally better in the "things that will potentially kill them" department, but that's a step too far? That's over the line?

Sure you may have suffered, or gone through hardships. Your kids most definitely will too. Different struggles and hardships, though. They don't have to go through the exact same hardships you went through because, surprise, we as a society learn from past mistakes and do things better now than we once did. We attempt to, anyway. Especially if that means kids who would have once had to suffer 20-30-50 years ago no longer have to.

You were miserable when you had to sit in an oven and try to learn. Now that we've put safeguards in place to make sure the students, the children, are not only NOT miserable, but also are safe and healthy, you decry this decision? You deride the students? You insult them?

What is wrong with you? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? What happened in your life that you see people NOT suffering, NOT endangering their health, NOT dying, and you think, "I have to verbally attack them?" What makes you think children NOT dying is a sign of weakness? What makes you think children NOT dying is ruining our country? What specifically about children NOT dying makes you sling vile insults and hurtful words their way?

Because again, you're the one calling little kids "p**sies" and "whiny little b***hes".

I want to drive that home for you. That you have devolved so much as a human being that your default mode is to lob insults at children for having the gall, the nerve, to not have their health and lives put in jeopardy.

Kids aren't being put in a potentially hazardous situation. I haven't figured out why that's a bad thing, and why you garbage humans feel the need to attack the children for this.

The next time you feel the need to refer to a 12 year old as a "whiny little b**ch," kindly look in the mirror, and just shut the hell up. Just... don't talk at all. Like, no silent contemplation. No "What would your mother think?" aphorism. Just shut up. Because garbage people don't deserve to speak words. And you're a garbage person.

Thank you.

- Brodie

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