Cheese lovers, I have found a store in Missouri that I'm sure stinks, but in a good way.

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Ok. We all know that I am NOT a fan of anything cheese. Although I do enough a cheeseburger every once in a while, you won't see me eating slices of cheese anytime soon. I am so non-cheese that I take the cheese off pizza...I know I'm weird.

However, if you are all about that cheese, there is a place in Missout that probably stinks a little, but in a good way.  Only in Your State says that the J and J Cheese Factory is the place all cheese lovers need to visit. If you can think of it they probably have it when you think of cheese. Cheese curds, blocks of a variety of cheese, shredded cheese, slice cheese, I mean it limitless.

Visitors, in fact, rave about the generous selection of cheeses and other goodies - from chocolate-covered blueberries to unique products, like brunch in a jar.

The cheese business is the place to be. On average 11.7 billion dollars of cheese is sold every year in the United States. Europe is the leading country in selling cheese, followed by the US, and Wisconsin is the leading state in cheese production. No surprise there.

You can find this hidden gem of cheese greatness (for those who like cheese) at Highlandville, Missouri which is close to the Arkansas border. It's a drive, but I know several friends who would make this a road trip weekend to visit this cheese heaven store. I just really wonder with all that cheese, what it smells like?

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