I am not a fan of cheese so when this list came about the weirdest food in each state I can honestly say I have never had it.

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Cheese on pizza is a staple on every pizza made, but the common cheese used is Mozzarella there is one St. Louis Style pizza that uses the weirdest topping...provel cheese. So why does IMOs PIzza use this weird topping for their pizza?

In place of the Mozzarella cheese traditionally layered on South St. Louis style pizza, their new chef chose to use Provel® cheese. It was a hot success! Soon they were pumping out so many pizzas that they needed to find more of the cheesy ingredient.

It all started in the beginning in 1964 and the new topping for pizza stayed and is now a Missouri tradition. You do have to have a taste for it. I've heard it's not the most delicious type of cheese, but for those who are from St. Louis, it's a delicacy. Now, I grew up on NYC pizza and I've had Chicago Deep Dish, so in my opinion, there is nothing like a mozzarella cheese pizza. But, if provel is something you grew up with I am sure you prefer that over a mozzarella,

I'll just stick to the original! Illinois' weirdest food is not weird at all, it's yummy. Shout out to the Horseshoe. How dare they? Have these experts even tried a horseshoe...if they have they know that it tastes amazing. Maybe I should take my own advice about the provel pizza topping? Nah....I'm good!

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