I would never guess in my wildest dreams that skydiving would be one of the most Google-searched items in the area for 2022.

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Even looking at the other items has me scratching my head. So every year Google Trends shares what the Most Looked Up things were in the US. They break it down into several categories, Most Googles Searches, Most Google News, Most Google People, etc., but now you can find out what the most Googled searches are where you live and as I said below, some of Quincy and Hannibal searches are, well, odd I think.

Most Google Searches in Quincy and Hannibal

Here are a few other searches that ranked high in the area for 2022:

  1. Dog Parks
  2. Fishing Forecast
  3. Asian Massage
  4. Semi Towing
  5. Skydiving
  6. Gift Shops
  7. Boba Drinks
  8. Asian Market
  9. Food Trucks
  10. Salvage Yards

Not a typical list you might think of when thinking of the Quincy/Hannibal region, that's why it has me scratching my head a bit thinking about what people are searching in our area. But, Google doesn't lie so if they say this is what people are looking for then who am I to second guess it? It will be interesting to compare the list from this year to the next and see how much has changed over the year.

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