I had to look at this article twice because the fine folks at 247 Tempo ranked the strangest food in each state, and the Land of Lincoln has one of the weirdest.

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Have you heard of spaghetti pizza? Yean, either, but this is the strangest food in Illinois and I have to tend to agree. 247 Tempo says,

Spaghetti is good. Pizza is good. Are the two together double-good? A lot of people apparently think so. Angelo’s Pizzeria, which has three locations west of Chicago, claims credit for the invention. Sausage and mozzarella are also involved.

Man, that is a TON of carbs, but if you're willing to have this meal for your cheat day then have at it. I have had spaghetti and pizza separately, I never thought about having it all in one bite. I will have to try this at least once just for the fact I can say, yeah I had spaghetti pizza.

Big shout out to  Angelo’s Pizzeria for coming up with this creation, and it seems to be one of the most popular items on their menu.

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